Monday, March 4, 2013

Seminary Teacher

We have a seminary teacher in the Branch who teaches our two seminary students during the week.  But on Monday evening I get to teach Gloria her seminary lesson.  She comes to our apartment and we spend an hour together studying the New Testament.  The other student does his lesson with his mother on Monday evenings.  Gloria is a good student and we enjoy sharing our thoughts about the scriptures with each other.

 While we are doing the seminary lesson, Deanne does the Elders' mending.
Gloria and Deanne at the end of the evening.


  1. LOVE the new sassy sweater, Mom!

  2. Mom just told me last night that you were on a mission, and Michael directed me here! What an adventure you are having! Deanne, you are still as beautiful as ever! Thank you for sharing this for us! I will print some pictures and send them to Mom, so she can share in your activites. I'm sure you are wonderful missionaries!