Sunday, June 23, 2013

Another Taco Night

About three weeks ago I had to go to the police station to give a statement as a witness in an investigation.  They provided an English interpreter for me and after the interview we talked about the Church.  We invited her and her two children to come to our apartment for tacos.  Marisa Tarroni, from our Branch, had worked with her a few years ago so we invited Marisa to come.  We also invited the missionaries to the dinner.

Marisa and Cristina.  Cristina brought this beautiful fruit pizza for dessert.

Sorelle Brown, Montagnoli, and Bennett with Cristina's children, Maria Elena and Riccardo.

Balloon Activity

Besides being a counselor in the Primary and the nursery leader, Sorella Jefferies is the Activity Day leader for the 8 to 11 year old boys and girls in the Branch.  Yesterday she held an activity and asked Agnese to teach the children how to make things out of balloons.

My job was to fill up the balloons.

Sorella Jefferies, Ruth, Michael and Agnese before . . .

and after they made dogs with their balloons.

Michael and I used our "swords" to fight each other.  I lost.

The Sorelle came at the end of the activity to make swords and to give us a message about using our talents to help and serve others.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Family Reunion for Paul's Wedding

Dave, Becki, Chad, Rebecca and Ty.

Clayton, Sam, Mom, Sadie, Becki and Noah.

Paul, Mom, Joseph and Anna in front of the house where Mom's dad was born in Hatch, Idaho.

The Higginson House in Historic Chesterfield.

A pyramid of grandchildren.

Family pyramid with Dad, Dave, Paul and Mike on the bottom.  Mom, Joey and Anna in the middle and Rebecca on top.  Andrew helped Rebecca get on top.

Mom on top and Rebecca, Tara, Anna, Carrie and Becki on the bottom of the pyramid.

Me with siblings, Joanne, Mike and Jeanne.

While we were back in the States we also got to meet with a couple of missionaries we had worked with in Italy.

Matt Herrington, from Safford, with his fiance, Kelsey Brown.  They are getting married in July.  He was an assistant to the Mission President and drove us from Milano to Forli' when we first arrived in Italy.

We met with Seth D'Addabbo in our home.  We worked with him for our first six months in Italy.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wedding Bells for Paul and Tara

We had the wonderful blessing of being able to attend the wedding of our son, Paul, to Tara Cotten in the Twin Falls Temple on June 7,  2013.  We received permission from our Mission President  to attend this special occasion and I needed to have some blood tests done and we both needed some dental work so we got that done while we were home.  At the wedding we got to see all of our children and grandchildren.

Grandma got to hold Sadie, our newest grandchild, who was born in February.
Paul and Tara with Paul's sisters, Rebecca and Anna.

Paul and Tara with all of his siblings and their spouses, left to right, Joseph, David and Becki, Mike and Carrie, Paul and Tara, Ty and Rebecca, Jason and Anna, Jennie and Sam.
Paul with his proud parents.

Paul and Tara coming out of the temple.

We got to have all of our 16 grandchildren at the wedding.

Paul and Tara dancing at the reception.