Saturday, June 15, 2013

Family Reunion for Paul's Wedding

Dave, Becki, Chad, Rebecca and Ty.

Clayton, Sam, Mom, Sadie, Becki and Noah.

Paul, Mom, Joseph and Anna in front of the house where Mom's dad was born in Hatch, Idaho.

The Higginson House in Historic Chesterfield.

A pyramid of grandchildren.

Family pyramid with Dad, Dave, Paul and Mike on the bottom.  Mom, Joey and Anna in the middle and Rebecca on top.  Andrew helped Rebecca get on top.

Mom on top and Rebecca, Tara, Anna, Carrie and Becki on the bottom of the pyramid.

Me with siblings, Joanne, Mike and Jeanne.

While we were back in the States we also got to meet with a couple of missionaries we had worked with in Italy.

Matt Herrington, from Safford, with his fiance, Kelsey Brown.  They are getting married in July.  He was an assistant to the Mission President and drove us from Milano to Forli' when we first arrived in Italy.

We met with Seth D'Addabbo in our home.  We worked with him for our first six months in Italy.


  1. Is Historic Chesterfield in Idaho? If so, we were just there yesterday as part of our Palmer Family Reunion! Do you have family that comes from there?My father's side of the family does. We hope all goes well with your return to Forli, I'm sure the Sister Missionaries will be/are happy to have you back!!Thank you for all you do!!

  2. Loved all your pictures of the family and the wedding! So great that you could all be together!