Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween in Forli'

Last night we put on a Halloween party for Laura's children.  Halloween isn't really very big in Italy.  Agnese, Chiara and Giovanni loved playing some games and enjoying treats.

Sorella Jefferies made these cute cupcake owls.
We carved a Jack-O'-Lantern.
Agnese helped with the carving.
Giovanni loved the Jack-O'-Lantern.
Chiara stirring up the green pudding.
Giovanni really got into the mood of Halloween.
They all loved the Frankenstein cups.
Pin the nose on the Jack-O'-Lantern.
 Looks like Giovanni came the closest.

Chiara bobbing for apples.
Agnese was pretty good at it.
We all got an apple.
With the lights out, Sorella Jefferies taught them her famous Halloween song.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Activity Day

Two weeks ago Sorella Jefferies had activity day with the 8 to 11 year old children.  They made Frankenstein cups with green pudding and crushed oreos.
 Chiara with the food coloring.

 Michael crushing oreos.

 Ruth mixing the pudding.

Ruth, Sorella Brown, Erica, Chiara and Michael with the final product.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Zone Training Meeting

Yesterday we had a zone training meeting for the Ravenna Zone.  It was excellent.  It was conducted by the
Zone Leaders, Elders Dowling and Anderson, and the Sister Training Leaders, Sisters Lofley and Gjika. Since the last zone meeting we have changed a bit.  Some of the missionaries have finished their missions, some were transferred and we have some new ones.  We just love working with these young missionaries.

 Top row:  Elders Lloyd, Quinton, Dowling, Gibbons, Kekoolani, and Warnick.  Middle row:  Elders Anderson, Tolman, Lovett, and Herrin.  Bottom row:  Sisters Gjika, Andromidas, Strong, Ervin, Lofley Jameson, and Jefferies.

Sisters Jefferies, Jameson and Andromidas needed IKEA pizza after training.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Young Women Sewing Activity

Sorella Jefferies was asked to help the Young Women with a sewing activity. For Personal Progress, Agnese is making pajama pants.  Gloria and Marisa made a cover for the DVD monitor at the church. 

 Sorella Jefferies showed her how to pin the pattern to the fabric.

 Agnese cutting the pattern to the proper size.

 Gloria, Sorella Jefferies and Marisa working on the cover.

 Gloria ironing.

Gloria with the finished product.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Goodbye and Hello

This past Monday we invited the Sisters to our apartment for a surprise birthday party for Sorella Bennett.  Her birthday is not until November but we had a feeling that she would be leaving Forli' before her birthday.  We had Chinese food and Nutella frosted muffins.  Last night we had a farewell dinner for Sorella Bennett and Sorella Brown at Laura and Alberto's.  Sorella Jefferies made all the food for the dinner.  This morning we said goodbye to Sorelle Brown and Bennett.  Sorella Brown had been in Forli' for 3 transfers and is going to Como.  Sorella Bennett had been here for 4 transfers and is going to to Savona.   It was hard to say goodbye to these two dear Sisters.

This evening we welcomed Sorella Andromidas.  She is from Utah County and she is fresh from the MTC.  Her mother is Italian and her grandparents live in Italy.  I know that she and her trainer, Sorella Jameson, will do great work here in Forli'.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Preparation Day with the Sisters

We spent P Day with the Sisters.  We went to the town of Portico di  Romagna, a town just outside of Forli'.  We walked down the medieval streets and over the bridge and ate piadina at a local restaurant.  

Sorelle Brown, Jameson, Bennett, and Jefferies.

The medieval bridge.

We met this old timer from the village and he told us about the village and showed us some of his antiques.

He was quite interesting.

We had a long conversation.

With Sister Jameson.

With Sister Brown.

With Sister Bennett.

Eating piadina.

Sharing piadina.

Eating Nutella piadina.

Really enjoying Nutella piadina.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ravenna District Meeting

We had our last District Meeting of this transfer and as the custom goes, we take pictures after the meeting.
The Elders of the Ravenna District.  Elder Ramey, district leader; Elders Dowling and Anderson, zone leaders; Elders Quinton and Jefferies.

The Sisters of the Ravenna District.  Top:  Strong, Alley,  Jefferies, Burkman.  Middle:  Ervin, Bennett, Jameson.  Bottom:  Brown.

Sister Jefferies made Jack-O'-Lantern sugar cookies for the district.

Monday, October 7, 2013

General Conference, Italian Style

We were able to watch General Conference on the internet at our branch building.  It was wonderful!  In the past we had to go to Rimini to see it, but that was hard for members and friends to go that far.  More of the members and people the missionaries are teaching were able to participate this time.

The members watched conference in Italian in the chapel.

It was in English in this room.

Everyone brought food to share between sessions.  Sorella Jefferies with Xavier, Erica, Celeste and Gloria.  Xavier made delicious quiche.

Roberto enjoyed a rice krispie treat on top of a brownie.

The Sorelle brought vegetables -  a carrot cake.

Ariele liked the looks of my rice krispie treat.

Sorella Jameson made brownies.

Sorella Rossi eating carrot cake.

Sorella Jefferies with Erica and Mila.