Thursday, October 17, 2013

Goodbye and Hello

This past Monday we invited the Sisters to our apartment for a surprise birthday party for Sorella Bennett.  Her birthday is not until November but we had a feeling that she would be leaving Forli' before her birthday.  We had Chinese food and Nutella frosted muffins.  Last night we had a farewell dinner for Sorella Bennett and Sorella Brown at Laura and Alberto's.  Sorella Jefferies made all the food for the dinner.  This morning we said goodbye to Sorelle Brown and Bennett.  Sorella Brown had been in Forli' for 3 transfers and is going to Como.  Sorella Bennett had been here for 4 transfers and is going to to Savona.   It was hard to say goodbye to these two dear Sisters.

This evening we welcomed Sorella Andromidas.  She is from Utah County and she is fresh from the MTC.  Her mother is Italian and her grandparents live in Italy.  I know that she and her trainer, Sorella Jameson, will do great work here in Forli'.

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