Monday, October 7, 2013

General Conference, Italian Style

We were able to watch General Conference on the internet at our branch building.  It was wonderful!  In the past we had to go to Rimini to see it, but that was hard for members and friends to go that far.  More of the members and people the missionaries are teaching were able to participate this time.

The members watched conference in Italian in the chapel.

It was in English in this room.

Everyone brought food to share between sessions.  Sorella Jefferies with Xavier, Erica, Celeste and Gloria.  Xavier made delicious quiche.

Roberto enjoyed a rice krispie treat on top of a brownie.

The Sorelle brought vegetables -  a carrot cake.

Ariele liked the looks of my rice krispie treat.

Sorella Jameson made brownies.

Sorella Rossi eating carrot cake.

Sorella Jefferies with Erica and Mila.

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