Friday, October 25, 2013

Zone Training Meeting

Yesterday we had a zone training meeting for the Ravenna Zone.  It was excellent.  It was conducted by the
Zone Leaders, Elders Dowling and Anderson, and the Sister Training Leaders, Sisters Lofley and Gjika. Since the last zone meeting we have changed a bit.  Some of the missionaries have finished their missions, some were transferred and we have some new ones.  We just love working with these young missionaries.

 Top row:  Elders Lloyd, Quinton, Dowling, Gibbons, Kekoolani, and Warnick.  Middle row:  Elders Anderson, Tolman, Lovett, and Herrin.  Bottom row:  Sisters Gjika, Andromidas, Strong, Ervin, Lofley Jameson, and Jefferies.

Sisters Jefferies, Jameson and Andromidas needed IKEA pizza after training.

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