Sunday, March 31, 2013


Our good friends, Lamonte and Lily Freerks, sent us an Easter package, Peeps for me and Ferrero Rocher for Sorella Jefferies.  Years ago when Lamonte (Chief) and I started working together, he found out that I liked Peeps so every year he brought them to work for me.  This year was no exception, which was very nice because they don't have Peeps in Italy.  Thanks Chief and Lily.

In Italy, big chocolate eggs with surprises inside are an Easter tradition.

On Easter Sunday, Brother and Sister Rossi invited us and the Sisters for dinner.  The food was delicious and the company was wonderful.

 Brother Rossi dishing up lasagna to Arielle.  It was to die for.
 Erica, Gloria, Sorella Bush and Sorella Montagnoli.
 Xavier and Erica Raveau.
 Brother and Sister Rossi.

 The Sorelle with some of their Easter surprises.


Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Missionaries in Forli'

On Thursday morning we said goodbye to Anziano D'Addabbo and Anziano Lambert and Thursday evening we said hello to Sorella Bush and Sorella Montagnoli.

Sister Bush is from Madison, Wisconsin.  She has served in Bergamo, Varese and Siena.  Her father served his mission in Italy.  Sister Montagnoli is from American Fork, Utah, and she just arrived on her mission. Both her father and mother served missions in Italy.  We are very happy to have these wonderful sisters in Forli' and we are looking forward to working with them.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Zone Training Meeting

Last week we had Zone Training for the Bologna Zone.  This week is transfer week and we are losing some missionaries we have worked with for a long time.  We love these missionaries and will miss them.  We are sure that we will love the new ones coming to replace them.

 Anziano D'Addabbo and Anziano Anderson are at the end of their missions.
 The Bologna Zone.  Front row: Anziani Modugno to Mestre, Mustafarraj, Miller, Fiorentino, Amendola  Middle row:  Sanacuore to Reggio Emilia, Treadway to Mestre, Sorella Jefferies, Lambert to Lugano, Sorella Heupel, Sorella Bunker to Bergamo  Back row:  Hill, Allen, Anderson to SLC, Jefferies, D'Addabbo to Queen Creek, AZ
 The Pesaro District.
 The Ferarra District.

 Sorella Jefferies made rice krispie treats for the missionaries.
We have worked in Forli for the last six months with Elder D'Addabbo.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Young Single Adult Activity in Rimini

We had six young single adults for our last activity in Rimini.  Costanza put the activity together.  We blindfolded them and they had to use their other senses during the activity. 

 Blindfolds on.
 We led them upstairs and they held on to the "rod of iron."
 In the forest they heard birds singing, the wind blowing and they also heard and felt rain.
 In the relaxation room they sat on pillows and listened to music.
 In the kitchen they tasted food,
 and drank water.
 Then back downstairs

Ariele, Miriam, Mila, Marco, and Giulia were happy to get their sense of sight back.  Costanza then gave a beautiful spiritual message to wrap up the activity.

And of course the evening wouldn't be complete without some good Italian food.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Today we had to buy some supplies for the Branch so we went shopping.  Deanne found a red sweater and a red belt, both on sale, of course.  Then she found out that her favorite granola was on sale - HALF PRICE!  We bought several boxes.  We then had to buy her favorite yogurt - Muller raspberry and blackberry mix.  After today, she won't need her anti-depressants for a while.  Oh, we still need to go get supplies for the Branch.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Birthday Party!

Yesterday was Elder D'Addabbo's 21st birthday.  He has been in Forli since we arrived last October.  He finishes his mission in 11 days.  He has been the District Leader and has trained two new missionaries in that time.  We love Elder D'Addabbo.  He is such a hard-working and dedicated missionary.  We have learned much from him.  Laura and Alberto decided to have a surprise birthday party for him.  They love him too and will be very sad when he goes home.


 Sorella Jefferies, Alberto, Laura, Agnese, Anziano D'Addabbo and Anziano Lambert.
 Laura prepared a table full of delicious food.
 Chiara, Sorella Jefferies and Sofia.

The Raveau's also made it to the party.
Elodie, Agnese, Anziano D'Addabbo, Giovanni and Laura with the birthday cake.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Seminary Teacher

We have a seminary teacher in the Branch who teaches our two seminary students during the week.  But on Monday evening I get to teach Gloria her seminary lesson.  She comes to our apartment and we spend an hour together studying the New Testament.  The other student does his lesson with his mother on Monday evenings.  Gloria is a good student and we enjoy sharing our thoughts about the scriptures with each other.

 While we are doing the seminary lesson, Deanne does the Elders' mending.
Gloria and Deanne at the end of the evening.