Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Zone Training Meeting

Last week we had Zone Training for the Bologna Zone.  This week is transfer week and we are losing some missionaries we have worked with for a long time.  We love these missionaries and will miss them.  We are sure that we will love the new ones coming to replace them.

 Anziano D'Addabbo and Anziano Anderson are at the end of their missions.
 The Bologna Zone.  Front row: Anziani Modugno to Mestre, Mustafarraj, Miller, Fiorentino, Amendola  Middle row:  Sanacuore to Reggio Emilia, Treadway to Mestre, Sorella Jefferies, Lambert to Lugano, Sorella Heupel, Sorella Bunker to Bergamo  Back row:  Hill, Allen, Anderson to SLC, Jefferies, D'Addabbo to Queen Creek, AZ
 The Pesaro District.
 The Ferarra District.

 Sorella Jefferies made rice krispie treats for the missionaries.
We have worked in Forli for the last six months with Elder D'Addabbo.


  1. I think it's funny that three of the Elders had matching ties.