Monday, March 18, 2013

Young Single Adult Activity in Rimini

We had six young single adults for our last activity in Rimini.  Costanza put the activity together.  We blindfolded them and they had to use their other senses during the activity. 

 Blindfolds on.
 We led them upstairs and they held on to the "rod of iron."
 In the forest they heard birds singing, the wind blowing and they also heard and felt rain.
 In the relaxation room they sat on pillows and listened to music.
 In the kitchen they tasted food,
 and drank water.
 Then back downstairs

Ariele, Miriam, Mila, Marco, and Giulia were happy to get their sense of sight back.  Costanza then gave a beautiful spiritual message to wrap up the activity.

And of course the evening wouldn't be complete without some good Italian food.

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  1. Some of those pictures looked like the poor YSA were being tortured!