Sunday, March 31, 2013


Our good friends, Lamonte and Lily Freerks, sent us an Easter package, Peeps for me and Ferrero Rocher for Sorella Jefferies.  Years ago when Lamonte (Chief) and I started working together, he found out that I liked Peeps so every year he brought them to work for me.  This year was no exception, which was very nice because they don't have Peeps in Italy.  Thanks Chief and Lily.

In Italy, big chocolate eggs with surprises inside are an Easter tradition.

On Easter Sunday, Brother and Sister Rossi invited us and the Sisters for dinner.  The food was delicious and the company was wonderful.

 Brother Rossi dishing up lasagna to Arielle.  It was to die for.
 Erica, Gloria, Sorella Bush and Sorella Montagnoli.
 Xavier and Erica Raveau.
 Brother and Sister Rossi.

 The Sorelle with some of their Easter surprises.



  1. Love the flower, Mom!

    It's too bad that giant egg wasn't filled with peanut butter or nutella.

    I'm glad you got your Peeps, Dad! I've got some drying out right now. :)

  2. Had no idea you liked Peeps!! Missy LOVES them too!