Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Birthday Party!

Yesterday was Elder D'Addabbo's 21st birthday.  He has been in Forli since we arrived last October.  He finishes his mission in 11 days.  He has been the District Leader and has trained two new missionaries in that time.  We love Elder D'Addabbo.  He is such a hard-working and dedicated missionary.  We have learned much from him.  Laura and Alberto decided to have a surprise birthday party for him.  They love him too and will be very sad when he goes home.


 Sorella Jefferies, Alberto, Laura, Agnese, Anziano D'Addabbo and Anziano Lambert.
 Laura prepared a table full of delicious food.
 Chiara, Sorella Jefferies and Sofia.

The Raveau's also made it to the party.
Elodie, Agnese, Anziano D'Addabbo, Giovanni and Laura with the birthday cake.


  1. That looks like a fun evening! We miss you, and we miss Laura, Alberto, their kids, the Raveau's, and the missionaries! Being in Forli was our favorite part of our trip! Jason enjoyed meeting and making connections with Anziano D'Addabbo, and he wishes he could've played Uno with Giovanni.

  2. What are those fried things? Is that cooked spinach on the pasta? When are you going to start getting some of these recipes for me?