Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Castrocaro Castle

We had gone to this castle several months ago but only saw the outside of it because it was only open a couple of days a week.  We were finally able to see the inside of it last week and we loved it.  We actually met the director of the castle and curator of the museum and he gave us a private tour.

From the town of Castrocaro looking up at the castle.

Entrance to the castle compound.

This is the oldest portion of the compound.  The public is not allowed into it because it is too dangerous.    They are still excavating in this part of the castle.

This spiral stairway in the tower leads to the torture chamber.  The director demonstrated the forms of torture used in this chamber.  It gave Sorella Jefferies nightmares so I won't explain them to you.

Inside the compound is this small chapel, the Church of Santa Barbara.

This is the kitchen which was located outside in the middle of the castle courtyard.

With our tour guide, the director of the castle.  Behind us is an olive tree that dates back to the 1600's.  The oldest written record of this castle is from 1035 but some of the artifacts found are from the 900's.  Castrocaro and Forli' were arch enemies and this castle protected the citizens from attack by the soldiers from Forli'.  In the 1400's the Medici family from Florence took control of the castle and the city from the Papal States. Wine and olive oil produced in the region were stored in the castle and then shipped to other locations in Tuscany and Romagna.

This old stairway led up to the castle tower.

It's hard to see but there are beautiful purple iris flowers growing on the castle wall.

A view of the side of the church with the oldest part of the castle in the background.

The oldest part of the castle is on the left with the courtyard in the middle and the newer part of the castle, which houses the museum, on the right.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Pesaro Adventure

Last week we did an inspection of the Elders' apartment in Pesaro.  They missed a train so we had an hour to wait for them.  We went to the beach on the Adriatic Sea while we were waiting for the Elders.


After the inspection and while we were in our inspection/cleaning clothes, we stopped at a castle in Gradara on our way home.

We never tire of seeing the beautiful things in this country.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Boogie Woogie Activity

We asked Moreno and Laila Bugli from our branch to teach the youth how to boogie woogie.  This was a talent I didn't know they had but the Young Women President knew about this hidden talent.  They have apparently been in dance competitions and have won some of them.  The kids and the leaders had a great time.

 Warming up.
 Moreno and Laila gettin jiggy wid it.

I wasn't sure how the youth would react to learning how to dance but they absolutely loved it.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Gloria's Birthday

For Gloria's birthday last week we had a little party at the church.  She is now 16 years old.  We enjoyed some games and a birthday cake.

Celeste and Sorella Jefferies

Sorella Bush, Agnese and Sorella Jefferies

Gloria got hair extensions for her birthday.
Sorella Jefferies would like hair extensions.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Piano Lessons

Sorella Jefferies noticed that after church on Sunday and after mutual, one of the young men in the Branch, Roberto, liked to play around on the piano.  She asked if he had any interest in learning to play the piano and he said that he did.  She contacted the Mission President to see if she could get a keyboard for this young man and at the next zone conference he said that the church had sent him three.  We brought them to Forli and Sorella Jefferies found out that the other young man in the Branch, Maurizzio, was also interested in learning how to play the piano.  She has been teaching them the simplified hymns and they are doing quite well.  Sorella Jefferies says this is a miracle because she can't play the hymns and she can't speak Italian.

Doing some timing exercises.

 Roberto is sixteen years old.
Maurizzio is thirteen years old. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Taco Night

Wednesday evening we invited Laura, Alberto and their family and friends to our apartment for tacos.  We also had Mexican rice (Becki's famous recipe), chips and salsa, magic cookie bars, chocolate chip cookies and A&W root beer.  The Sister missionaries came too.
 Marco, Clio, Alberto, Laura and Sorella Jefferies.
 Benedetta, Chiara, Sofia, Agnese, Sorella Acerson (on a switch with Sorella Montagnoli) Francesca, Sorella Bush and Giovanni.

 Laura and Agnese.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Anziano Jefferies Likes Granola Too

Sorella Jefferies said I had to post this picture of me with my favorite granola.  I eat it every morning.  Granola is a healthy breakfast, right?  Last week it was on sale, 1.79 instead of 2.19 a box.  The pyramid would have been bigger but I bought every box they had in the store.  It contains hazelnuts, hunks of chocolate and crunchy oats, kind of like an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie crumbled up in milk every morning.

April 6 was Gloria's birthday.  We gave her flowers and a couple of cans of chili, her favorite food.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Zone Conference in Firenze

Today we had a Zone Conference in Florence with the Bologna Zone, Firenze Zone and part of the Verona Zone.  President and Sister Wolfgramm and the Assistants did the training and it was great.  We are always so grateful that we get the chance to attend these meetings and feel the Spirit of this great work.

 The Bologna Zone and a few missionaries from the Verona Zone.
 The Senior couples:  Sister and Elder Tonon, Sister and Elder Jefferies, Sister and Elder Capece and Sister and President Wolfgramm.
 Elder and Sister Tonon started their mission two weeks ago and are serving in Florence and Prato.  They are members from Torino.  When I was a missionary in Torino in 1969 they were in the branch there and I attended their wedding and reception.  They have served in the Swiss Temple and he is a Patriarch.  On two of our trips to Italy, we stayed in their home.  It was so good to renew acquaintance with them and talk about the early days of the Church in Torino.  They have four children, all of whom served missions, and they have eight grandchildren with one on the way. 
 Sorella Jefferies and Sorella Wolfgramm.
After a full day of meetings and training, we decided that we had earned some delicious gelato.