Friday, April 26, 2013

Pesaro Adventure

Last week we did an inspection of the Elders' apartment in Pesaro.  They missed a train so we had an hour to wait for them.  We went to the beach on the Adriatic Sea while we were waiting for the Elders.


After the inspection and while we were in our inspection/cleaning clothes, we stopped at a castle in Gradara on our way home.

We never tire of seeing the beautiful things in this country.


  1. Looks beautiful! I love the v-shape on the tops of the towers. And that beach doesn't look too bad either! What a rough mission you're on! :)

  2. Tara was right that you guys are on a 18-month vacation. My mission was a 2-year camping trip in the same area as the Bataan Death March :) Mom, I like the dress you're wearing at the beach. What is that, dalmatian? Cruella de ville...cruella de ville...

  3. Gorgeous! What a beautiful view.