Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Anziano Jefferies Likes Granola Too

Sorella Jefferies said I had to post this picture of me with my favorite granola.  I eat it every morning.  Granola is a healthy breakfast, right?  Last week it was on sale, 1.79 instead of 2.19 a box.  The pyramid would have been bigger but I bought every box they had in the store.  It contains hazelnuts, hunks of chocolate and crunchy oats, kind of like an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie crumbled up in milk every morning.

April 6 was Gloria's birthday.  We gave her flowers and a couple of cans of chili, her favorite food.


  1. No, Dad, chocolate granola is not a healthy breakfast. I think you've earned the right to eat whatever you please, though. :)

    Gloria looks so pretty next to her birthday flowers. I love Hormel chili too! Has she tried them with fritos and cheese?

  2. Yum! Are you going to bring one of the boxes for me when you come in June?? :) I LOVE Master Crumble! And Jason says he wants to eat all the chocolate out of it.