Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Piano Lessons

Sorella Jefferies noticed that after church on Sunday and after mutual, one of the young men in the Branch, Roberto, liked to play around on the piano.  She asked if he had any interest in learning to play the piano and he said that he did.  She contacted the Mission President to see if she could get a keyboard for this young man and at the next zone conference he said that the church had sent him three.  We brought them to Forli and Sorella Jefferies found out that the other young man in the Branch, Maurizzio, was also interested in learning how to play the piano.  She has been teaching them the simplified hymns and they are doing quite well.  Sorella Jefferies says this is a miracle because she can't play the hymns and she can't speak Italian.

Doing some timing exercises.

 Roberto is sixteen years old.
Maurizzio is thirteen years old. 


  1. I love this! Good job, Mom! The Holy Ghost must be doing his job so that you can understand each other. Plus, music is universal.

  2. I miss you, Mom, but I'm glad I get to share you with other people in the world. You are making a difference in their lives!