Monday, February 25, 2013

Anna and Jason visit

Anna and Jason flew in to Rome and took the train to Florence where we picked them up.  We stayed two nights in Florence, one in Vernazza and one in Milano.  We got back to Forli on Saturday night after driving through a blizzard.  It took us six hours to drive from Milano instead of the usual three hours.

 Inside the Duomo in Siena.
 The walled medieval city of Monteriggioni.
 The arch entry into Monteriggioni.
 The Duomo in Florence from the bell tower.
 Anna and Jason with gelato on the Ponte Vecchio.
 Hard to choose one flavor.
 So, we like to share.
 Pisa in the rain.
 Vernazza from the terrace at our hotel.
Vernazza is our new favorite place to visit in Italy! 

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  1. Vernazza is beautiful.

    Love the picture of the Duomo from the bell tower. I remember what a beast those stairs were!