Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Tribute to Fratello Rossi

On Thursday, March 27, 2014, Fiorenzo Rossi passed away.  Today we had his funeral.  It was a beautiful meeting with two musical numbers and talks by his daughter and son-in-law, Erica and Xavier Raveau, President Caramia, the Rimini District President and President Dibb of the Italy Milan Mission.  If you have looked at our blog, you have seen many pictures of Brother Rossi.  He has been a member of the Church for almost 40 years.  He has served as Branch President, District President, Counselor in the Italy Milan Mission Presidency and a Swiss Temple worker.  He was a pioneer for the Church in Italy.  He was a shoe repairman his whole adult life.  He saved soles and he saved souls.  He had a keen sense of humor and his friends and customers loved him.  He was honest, humble, and always happy to talk to anyone about the Church.  He will be terribly missed by his family and all who knew him.  

 His funeral program.

 Visiting the cemetery on All Saints Day 2012 with Sorella Jefferies and Erica.

 Fiorenzo with Adriana, Elodie, Ariele, Erica, and Sorella Jefferies in the town where he grew up.

 Christmas wasn't Christmas without eating dinner at the Rossi's.

 We traveled to the Swiss Temple together.

 With the Benvenuti family.

 Service project stacking firewood for a widow.

 Merry Christmas from the Rossi's.

This is my favorite picture of Brother and Sister Rossi.

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  1. Brother Rossi is a great man. I feel blessed that I got to meet him.