Friday, March 28, 2014

Jeanne and Gaylen Visit

My sister and her husband, Jeanne and Gaylen, came for a visit during our last two weeks in Italy.  We saw some sites with them but the highlight for them and us was to have them meet the members in Forli' and our neighbors.  They also loved the missionaries we work with and they even were able to attend one of our district meetings.  We played games with them every evening.  The people here in Forli' fell in love with them and they were very sad when they left.  They wished that Jeanne and Gaylen could take our place.

 On our balcony when they first arrived in Forli'.

 At the open market.

 Enjoying gelato.

 Jeanne and Gaylen in Gradara at Il Bacio restaurant.  Bacio is kiss in Italian.

 Laura teaching Jeanne Italian cooking.

 We had Family Home Evening with Laura's family.  We divided into two teams.  This was our artwork.

 The other team's artwork.  S is for Sorella Jefferies, A is for Alberto and G is for Gaylen.
 Stefano and Daniela invited us for lunch.

 The Garcia's had us over for dessert.

 Francesco won their hearts.

 The dessert was delicious.

 Jeanne with Gloria.

 Jeanne with Erica.

 With Celeste and Sorella Rossi.

 We had dinner on Sunday with the Rossi's and the Raveau's.

 At district meeting with Sorelle Lemos and Andromidas.

 Sorelle Bucco and Gijka are Sister Training Leaders and they were at our district meeting and did a role play teaching exercise with Jeanne.

 Saying goodbye to Elodie and Celeste.

 At the train station.

Boarding the train for Florence.

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  1. Fun!! :) It's crazy, you have like just a few days left!! Our family is so excited to see you guys!! Love you guys! :)