Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pizza Night for Young Single Adults

Last Saturday evening we went bowling with the Young Single Adults of the Rimini District..  I forgot to take my camera to the bowling alley.  Emanuele had the highest score.  Then we had pizza at our apartment.
 Yuliya, Marco, Elena and Mila waiting for the pizza to arrive.

 Mila, Yuliya, Emanuele, Marco and Elena, all ready to chow down on the delicious pizza.  That's me with my head cut off.

 Clowning around.  Looks like Elena ate too much pizza.

It was Women's Day in Italy so Emanuele made a cake especially for the ladies at the activity.


  1. Was this on the 8th? That's Women's Day in Ukraine too. So each person ate their own pizza?!

  2. Got to love French Fry Pizza! :)