Monday, April 7, 2014

Welcome Home

After a one day delay because of heavy fog in London, we finally made it to Phoenix on April 2.  Some of our kids had been in Phoenix on April 1 to see us at the airport but because of the delay, they had to go back home and missed us.  But we did have Ty, Rebecca, Jack, Jennie, Porter, Brock and Seth D'Addabbo at the airport to greet us.  We were very tired and hadn't been able to change clothes for a couple of days, but we made it.

 Porter gave Sorella Jefferies a hug.

 Rebecca gave me a big hug.

 They even made us a sign.

Seth D'Addabbo worked with us in Forli' for six months before he came home to Queen Creek.


  1. Welcome home! I've loved reading your blog while you've been in Italy. Make sure to post when your homecoming is, we would love to drive down.