Saturday, December 7, 2013

Senior Couples Conference in Milano

The senior couples met in Milano for a conference.  The first day we had meetings and then in the evening we all went to Roadhouse Grill for dinner.  The next day we went to see The Last Supper, the Duomo, La Scala and the International Fair.  It was a fun and uplifting two days.
 Left to right:  President and Sister Dibb, Durand, Harmer, Savoldi, Keefer, Tonon, Molinari, Jefferies, Arbogast, Mackay, Burger, Lee, Mann, and Simoncini.  I included this photo to show the growth of our mission.  Last year at this meeting we had 6 couples serving and this year we have 13 couples.  Last year we had about 140 young Sisters and Elders and right now we have 237.

 This is Umberto Simoncini and his wife, Elisabeta.  When I was a young missionary in Palermo as branch president, Umberto was a 17 year old member of the branch.

 Roadhouse Grill is like a restaurant in the United States.  Anziano Ackerman is sitting next to Sorella Jefferies.  He is an office Elder and served as interpreter for the three couples that don't speak English.

 I really enjoyed this hamburger and fries.

 This is only a replica of Da Vinci's masterpiece.  No photos are allowed of the real one.

 The Duomo.

 The baptistry in the basement of the Duomo.

 As we were walking to La Scala, we saw this beautiful courtyard.

 At the international fair in the Spain section, we found these shoes made of chocolate.

 We bought this purse in the Vietnam area.

This lady in the Germany section was making lace.


  1. I'm glad you got to socialize with other Americans and get a good burger. Mom - I know I tell you this a lot, but you really are the youngest looking sister missionary!

  2. Two of Mom's favorite things, together at last! Shoes and chocolate...mmmm....

  3. Wow! So exciting to hear the growth in numbers of missionaries you had! Keep working hard! We love you! Also a few weeks ago I showed mags your blog and we talked about missionary work for fhe then this last week I was showing Maggie pictures of grandpa Jefferies and telling her about him. She said, that looks like uncle Scott! kind of cool :)