Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rimini Christmas Zone Conference

Today we had Zone Conference and we got to have it in Forli'.  That was because Sorella Jefferies was asked to prepare the meal for the zone.  She fixed tacos and Mexican rice.  The missionaries absolutely loved the meal and I heard President Dibb say that Mexican food was one of the things he misses most about being in Italy.  So the conference and the meal was a huge success.

The tables looked quite festive.

Laura helped in the kitchen.  She and Anziano Christensen were happy to see each other again.

The food line.

Sorelle Jameson and Andromidas enjoyed the food.

Sorelle Gjika and Palumbo are from Albania and Italy respectively and this kind of food was new to them.

These Anziani seem to be enjoying the tacos.

Laura made tiramisu cups and Sorella Jefferies made these cookies for dessert.

These were the December and January birthdays.

Laura and Sorella Jefferies cleaned up after the meal.

Sorella Palumbo is from Sicily.  I knew her mother, Rosaria Costa, when I served as a missionary in Palermo in 1969.

This is the Rimini Zone with President and Sorella Dibb on the left and us on the right and the super missionaries in between.


  1. Such a small world!! It's crazy!! I love you guys!! :)

  2. It looks like you did a lot of work, Mom! The cookies were so cute, especially the reindeer!