Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Buon Compleanno Anziano Jefferies

My 64th birthday was Sunday.  Brother and Sister Rossi invited us for Sunday dinner.  Their daughter, Erica Raveau, also has a December 29 birthday.  We ate delicious pasta, beef stew and cake.

 A little left over Christmas cheer.

After doing all the cooking and serving, Brother Rossi took a well-deserved nap.

Then on Monday, December 30, Erica and I celebrated our birthday with a family home evening.  We invited a few friends and Sorella Jefferies made tacos, Mexican rice, enchiladas and funeral potatoes.  We played a couple of games and had birthday cake.  I guess when you turn 64 it takes a couple of days to have a birthday party.

Sorella Andromidas visiting with Erica and her friends.

Sorella Jameson visiting with more friends of Erica.

Alberto and Brother Rossi.

Everyone loved the food prepared by Sorella Jefferies.

Gloria, Agnese and Sorella Jefferies enjoying chips.

This game resulted in Laura hitting me over the head with a bottle.

I found out that Erica's friend, Jenifer, also has a December 29 birthday.  I'm older than the two of them put together.  Until I saw this photo, I didn't realize that they were copying the way I was sitting.

Laura made this cake.  Kind of scary looking.

Lots of dessert.

At the end of the party, only the kids had energy to dance.


  1. That cake with you on it is so awesome! It looks like you had another great birthday!

  2. Oh my goodness, that cake with you on it is AWESOME!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Grandpa!!! That cake is so cool and it looks tasty :)