Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Day 2013

The Sisters came to our apartment on Christmas morning to unwrap their gifts and to prepare food for lunch at Laura's.  We enjoyed a delicious meal with Laura and Alberto and other guests and then in the evening we visited the Rossi's.  It was a wonderful Christmas Day.

 Christmas morning with our "family," Sorelle Andromidas and Jameson.

 Sorella Jameson making rolls for lunch.

 Sofia and Sorella Jameson.

 Sorella Andromidas with me and Sorella Jefferies.

 Laura serving up delicious pasta rolls filled with ham, spinach and cheese.  

 Alberto carving the Beef Wellington.

Sorella Jameson with Agnese, Regina and her son, Joshua.

 Sitting at the dessert table.  Nothing we could do but try a little bit of everything.

 Then on to the Rossi's.  Here we are with Xavier and Erica.

 Ariele, Adriana and Fiorenzo Rossi.

 How sweet, brother and sister giving each other a Christmas hug.

 Brother ans Sister Rossi are the best.

The Sorelle sang a couple of songs and Celeste gave Sorella Jefferies, who she calls "Mimi,"  a big hug.  The family gave us gifts, we had a prayer together and we called it a day.  It was a Christmas Day we will never forget.

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