Monday, July 22, 2013

Girls Camp

This morning we took Gloria and Agnese to girls camp.  It was about an hour and a half drive from Forli' up in the Apennine mountains.  We got a little lost at the end of the trip because the GPS wanted us to go up a steep, overgrown, dirt road and I don't think our car would have made it.  The boys camp was just finishing up and the girls camp was just starting.
 A view of the camp from the road.

 Agnese in her tent.

 Sorella Jefferies with Agnese.

 Shy Gloria, Martina (one of the leaders) and Agnese.
 Time for breakfast.

 Homemade blueberry jam on bread.

From the campsite we could see an old tower.  Martina told us it is from the 1300's and it and the few old buildings that surround it was owned by the Malatesta family.  There is a story that a girl from a feuding family fell in love with a Malaresta boy and she ran away from her parents and hid out in this tower  The feuding family decided to attack the tower and the surrounding buildings and killed all the people not knowing that the girl was there.  Every 25th of July, the day of the attack, there is a legend that her ghost haunts the tower.  I'm sure that story will be told around the campfire on July 25th, the last night of girls camp.  We took a little hike to check out the tower.

We tried knocking on some doors but nobody lives in these old houses.

Could that be the ghost of the girl?

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  1. That story would scare me if I was there. I'm so glad Agnese and Gloria get to have a Girls Camp experience.