Monday, July 1, 2013

A Beautiful Evening in Brisighella

On Saturday we went to do some home teaching in Faenza and after that we did some castle hunting in Brisighella, about 15 minutes from Faenza.  There are three rocky peaks in this medieval village.  On one stands the Manfredi Fortress built in about 1310.  On the second peak there is a bell tower with a clock on it.  The bell tower was built in the 1800's.  It was built on top of a medieval basement built in the 1200's as part of the protection for the city.  On the third peak stands a church built in the 1700's.
Hiking up to the Fortress.

At the entrance.

The main Fortress tower.

The Fortress is built right into the rocky peak.

The two towers of the Fortress.

On the hike down we saw these beautiful flowers.

Along a medieval street of the village.

 Looking up at the bell tower from the village below.

Hiking to the bell tower.

The bell tower on top of the ancient basement on top of the rocky peak on top of the ancient missionary.

The church on the third peak.

A view of the village  from one of the peaks.

After all that hiking we needed some refreshment.

Don't worry, it's only fruit juice.

We found a new favorite gelato shop in Brisighella.  No, Sorella Jefferies isn't having two cones.  She is holding mine while I take her picture.

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  1. Yummmmmm...gelato! The country there is so beautiful and green. I love all the castles and old much history there...really neat!