Thursday, July 25, 2013

Apartment Inspections

One of our duties is to inspect seven apartments of the Elders and Sisters in our area.  When they have missing or broken furniture or items, we then go shopping and purchase the items.  Sometimes we can make minor repairs and sometimes we have to hire a handyman to make repairs.  This week two of the cities we cover went from 2 Elders to 4 Elders and one of the cities went from 2 Sisters to 3 Sisters so we had to do quite a bit of shopping to furnish the apartments with additional desks, beds, and other items.

 We shop at the IKEA in Rimini for furniture and other stuff.

 We load up the car with all the stuff.

 At Decathlon we buy lights and bike helmets.

 Sorella Jefferies looks much better in a helmet.

 When we deliver the furniture we help put it together.  Anziano Simcox and Anziano Valentine in Pesaro are being supervised by the task master.

 It looks like Anziano Jefferies is praying that the Elders get the bookcase put together right.

All the missionaries get these handy clothes drying racks.

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  1. How fun! I bet Dad just loves helping put the furniture together... I can see him "just sweatin'!" Love you guys.