Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Family Home Evening with the YSA

Last evening we had a Family Home Evening with the Young Single Adults from the Rimini District.  We had a french toast dinner and then one of the YSA, Manuele, taught a lesson.  They played Pictionary and then had ice cream and chocolate chip cookies. 

 Sorella Jefferies made the french toast.

 I cooked the bacon.

 Her famous chocolate chip cookies.

 Miriam was a little late so we all watched her eat french toast.
 Emanuele and Marco made ice cream sandwiches with french toast and gelato.

 An intense game of Pictionary.

 Giulia laughed at most of Marco's drawings.

 The winning team.

Left to right:  Sonny, Giulia, Mila, Giada, Emanuele, Miriam, Marco, and Ariele.

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