Tuesday, December 4, 2012

YSA Activity

Last Saturday evening we attended a Young Single Adult activity in the Rimini District.  We have just been called to be on the YSA council to help plan and put on activities.  We met in the church in Rimini and had dinner, visited, and watched A Muppet Christmas Carol in Italian with English subtitles.  Above are (l to r) Marco, Miriam and Mila. 
 After a game of Foosball, Miriam fixed piadina.  Marco brought vegetable balls with yogurt dip and chicken.
 Costanza brought delicious bread and salad.
They could all speak a little English so Deanne loved talking to them.  We all enjoyed the good food and the movie.  It was a great start for December and the Christmas season.

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  1. So are you guys loving the food or is it still a little strange?