Thursday, December 6, 2012

Couples Meeting in Milano

All of the couples of the Italy Milan Mission got together yesterday for a meeting.  After the meeting we had a meal together and then visited and got to know each other better.  This morning we all went shopping at this huge indoor "open" market that had food and merchandise from all over the world.

 Before the meeting, Deanne checked out Prada . . .
 Louis Vuitton . . .
 Gucci . . .
 and Versace.
 While she shopped, I checked out Sicilian pastries . . .
 and handmade chocolates.
 This was our delicious meal with the Mission President and his wife and the senior couples.
 The couples ready for shopping.
 In the German area with a band behind us.
 The band was very entertaining while we ate German food.
We bought these stacking dolls in the Russian area.


  1. You're the cutest sister missionary by FAR, Mom.

    All the food looks so good! I'm glad you guys are not starving. :)

  2. Looks like fun! I love you both! :)

  3. All I kept thinking for those first pictures was: Gucci...NO! Versace...NO! Looks like a fun time. And Dad is the best looking elder. :) Love and miss you both!