Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas in Forli

On Saturday, December 22, we went to downtown Forli in the afternoon to watch the community put on a huge production of the story of Christ's birth.  We got some pictures of the event.
 Joseph and Mary walking to Bethlehem.
 The shepherds in the fields.
 The angels announce the birth of Christ.  The little guy in the lower middle of the picture looking straight ahead is Giovanni.  We live close to his family and they are good friends of ours.
 The three Wise Men.

In the evening of the same day we had our branch Christmas party.
 Deanne put together the costumes for the Nativity.
 Brother and Sister Garcia sang Silent Night in Spanish and Italian.
 The kids decorated a Christmas tree and Babbo Natale visited.
 Even some of the older children sat on Santa's lap.  You can guess who Santa was.
 Of course there was lots of good food.
This nativity cake was the highlight of the refreshments.


  1. That's really cool how like a lot of people get to participate! :) I love you and Merry Christmas!

  2. We want to sit on Babbo Natale's lap, too! The costumes look great, Mom. Have you been pulling all-nighters working on them?
    Love, Becca and Anna

  3. We need the picture of dad as bobbo natale from the first time around for comparison.