Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Valentino's Birthday Party

 These three brothers are members of the Forli Branch.  Maurizio is 13 and the only deacon in the Branch.  Michael is 11 years old.  And Valentino recently turned 7.  Deanne and I went to visit him on his birthday and gave him some gifts.  Maurizio and Michael were baptized last April and Valentino will be baptized in a year when he turns eight.  They are really good boys and we have lots of fun with them.  They like to try out their English on Deanne.
 Then a couple of weeks later after church, Valentino's family invited us and some other members of the Branch to their house for his party.  The table was full of good food.
 While we ate and visited,
 his step-sister, Mila, and his step- mother prepared the cake and goodies.  Mila is a young single adult in our Branch.  She served a mission in the Italy Rome Mission.
 Valentino blew out the candle on his cake and we all sang happy birthday in Italian and English.
Michael and Valentino had fun playing with balloons.


  1. Thanks so much for taking care of Anziano Scheurn!! He has really grown to love you both so very much!! You can feel his love for you in his last few letters!! We love you as well! I would love to have your email so I could email you personally!
    Tamy Schuern

  2. What were those desserts? They look tasty!