Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mutual Activities

 A few weeks ago, the Young Women had a mutual activity to learn how to make pasta.  Gloria is the only young woman in the branch so Deanne decided that she would learn along with Gloria.

 Gloria and Mom cut up the zucchini, garlic and ham.
 Brother Rossi was the expert and taught the ladies how to make pasta from scratch.

 We all got into the act of cutting and separating the noodles.
 After the noodles were cooked, they went into the frying pan with the other ingredients.
 A little parmesan cheese added on top.
 The results were delicious.
 Last week the Young Men and Young Women in the branch prepared dinner for the leaders.

The youth did a terrific job and we all enjoyed the food.


  1. Ci piacerebbe assaggiare e gustare il pasto intero. Vi vogliamo bene. Mumford e Sposa