Saturday, November 17, 2012

An Afternoon in Rimini

We had a meeting in Rimini last night so we decided to spend the afternoon checking out the city.  Rimini was built by the Romans in 268 BC. 

 Construction of this bridge was started under Caesar Augustus in 14 AD and completed under Tiberius in 21 AD.  It is made of limestone and recent inspections have shown that the massive stone piers rest on wooden piles driven into the ground under the river which are still intact.  Cars and pedestrians use this bridge.
 This is the Arch of Augustus.  It was built under Caesar Augustus in 27 BC.  It was the main entrance to the city of Rimini.  It is hard to imagine that it still stands and it was built before the birth of Christ.

 These are the ruins of a Roman amphitheater that was built between 116 and 138 AD.  It could seat about 12,000 people.
This is the Tempio Malatestiana built during the 13th century by the Malatesta family which was a very rich and powerful family in Rimini.  After it was built, the family fell out of favor with the Catholic Church and the Pope at the time condemned it as a place of Satan worshipers.  It has since been reinstated and is again used as a Catholic cathedral.  


  1. Wow! What an awesome place! It's crazy that the bridge is still in use and its almost 2,000 years old! I think I would be a little scared to go over it.

  2. Put that one on the list of places we need to visit!

  3. jack says mimi wen you were on the brige it looks like it was raining