Saturday, November 3, 2012

All Saints Day

Thursday, November 1 was All Saints Day in Italy.  Italians take flowers to the graves of their loved ones much like Memorial Day for the USA.  Our dear friends, the Rossi's invited us to go with them.  Our first stop was in Fantella where Brother Rossi's father is buried.  In this picture from left to right are:  Brother Rossi, his aunt, Sister Rossi, granddaughters Elodi and Celeste Raveau, son Ariele Rossi, daughter Erica Raveau, and son-in-law Xavier Raveau.  
Brother Rossi and his aunt at his father's grave.  His father passed away about a year ago.  He lived in the apartment that we are living in now. 
 Deanne with Erica and her two daughters.  Erica served a mission at Salt Lake City Temple Square.  Brother Rossi served in the Italy Milan Mission.  His son, Arielle, served in the England London Mission.  Xavier Raveau is from France and served in the Italy Milan Mission.
 We stopped for lunch.  Brother Rossi bought us piadina.  It is like a thick tortilla stuffed with whatever you order inside.  Our favorite was with sausage and grilled onions.  Very good.

 The next cemetery was in Portico di Romagna where Brother Rossi's mother is buried.
 Brother Rossi grew up in this little town and he took us to this medieval street in the town.  He lived in three different houses on this street. 
 I know this is not Verona but Deanne and I had to reenact a little Romeo and Juliet.
 This little side street was not very wide.

 This bridge dates back to the 1300's.
This is on top of the bridge.  It was a great day and we fell in love with this little town.


  1. What a charming little town! I love the Romeo and Juliet picture. Looks like you had a fun day.

  2. You guys are so cute! I love your apartment. Italy is so beautiful! I hope I can see it sometime :)