Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Deanne

 After the District Meeting we had a little birthday party since we would not meet again until after Deanne's birthday.  Left to right are:  Sisters Bunker, Pearce and Jefferies and Elders Owens, D'Addabbo, Christensen, Iacovelli, Sanacuore and Modugno.  These missionaries are amazing.  They are hard-working, good young people.  The Church is in good hands with young people like these preparing to become leaders.
 Deanne with her "adopted daughters" Sorella Pearce and Sorella Bunker.

Then on her real birthday we took Anziano Christensen and Anziano D'Addabbo to a restaurant for lunch. 
We then had a birthday brownie and ice cream at our apartment and Deanne thought that was the end of the festivities.
 At about 9:30 pm fifteen members of the Forli Branch (that's just about all of them) surprised Deanne at our door.  They brought food and goodies and we had another party.
 Sister Flamini made this delicious birthday cake.
 The birthday girl with Sister Tarroni.
 With Elodi and Sister Rossi.
 With Erica Raveau.
And with her gifts which included a scarf, ceramic pitcher, puzzle, card signed by everyone and Swiss chocolate.  So after all of that, and a couple of Tums, Deanne's birthday came to an end.


  1. Wow! I don't think you can top a birthday like that. Chocolate galore! Happy 60th, Mom! :)

  2. I love you Grandma! I sounds like you had a ton of fun! Happy Birthday! I'm always thinking of you! Love you both very much!