Sunday, August 11, 2013

Carmine's Baptism

Yesterday we went to Pesaro for the baptism of Carmine.  I had the privilege of interviewing him three days before his baptism.  He is 62 years old and has been studying with the missionaries for about 18 months.  He said something that I thought was very interesting.  He said that he wished that he would have found the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when he was in his 20's but, he continued, maybe I needed a lifetime of experiences so that when I met the missionaries, I was ready to hear their message.  He is a very nice man and he will be a wonderful addition to the Pesaro Branch.

 Carmine with the most recent missionaries to teach him, Anziani Valentine and Simcox.

 With Brother Falchi, who baptized him and the branch president, Presidente Di Nuzzo.

With Anziano and Sorella Jefferies. 


  1. How awesome to have a baptism!

  2. This is wonderful! He sounds like a neat man.