Friday, August 2, 2013

A Birthday Party for Celeste

Celeste had her 2nd birthday recently and had two parties, one with her grandparents, who went to work in the Swiss Temple on her real birthday, and one with everyone else.

 The cutest little Italian girl in the world.

 She blew out the candle.

 The birthday girl with her sister Elodi, her grandmother, Sorella Rossi and Sorella Jefferies.

 Sorella Montagnoli with Chiara and Anziano Jefferies with Giovanni.

 Sorella Jefferies and Sorella Brown with Francesco.

 Laura feeding Celeste.

 Chiara feeding Celeste.

Celeste with Alberto, Francesco and Francesco's mother, Maria Jose.


  1. Oh! She is so adorable! I love those curls!

  2. Francesco is getting so big. I like Celeste's polka dot shoes!