Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February Activities

In February we got involved in several activities.  There was a Primary Activity Day, a YM/YW combined activity celebrating February birthdays, we had Maria Jose and Paolo to our apartment for dinner, and a celebration for Laura's birthday.

 The kids made and flew paper airplanes.
 We played pictionary.
 We had a cake for Michael's birthday.  He turned 12 and this was his last activity day.

 In mutual we had a birthday party for all those with February birthdays.

 Brother Garcia, Michael and Max were the guests of honor.
 Sorella Andromidas and Agnese getting refreshments.

 We had Maria Jose and Paolo and the missionaries over for dinner.

Sorella Jefferies made an apple pie for Laura's birthday.

 We gave Laura a triple combination and scented candles.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Banana Cream Pie at the Shoe Shop

 You can't find pie in Italy.  Italians make cakes and something similar to pie but not really.  Sorella Jefferies has made pumpkin, apple, and coconut cream pie while we have been on our mission.  Last week she made her first banana cream pie.  We took it to Brother and Sister Rossi's shoe repair shop to share with them. Brother Rossi has been a shoe repairman for over thirty years.  He learned the trade from his father.

 The sign in front of their store.

 Hard at work.

 The workshop.

 Brother Rossi with all the repaired shoes waiting to be picked up.

 Time for pie!

Look who showed up just in time for pie - Sorelle Lemos and Andromidas.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Grocery Shopping

Lidl is the name of our favorite grocery store.  It is a German-owned chain store and is located all over Europe.  We have found it to have the best prices and the quality of the food is good.

 You put a euro in the slot to get the shopping cart.

 Our favorite breakfast cereal.  You can't find it at any other store.

When you take the cart back, you get your euro back.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cleaning the Church

We take our turn, along with the other members of our branch, cleaning the church building.  Our assignment comes around about once every two months.  Sorella Rossi is in charge of the building and the cleaning assignments and she does a wonderful job.  Our building is always in good repair and in good shape.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pharmacy Bank Service Activity

In Italy there is a Pharmacy Bank which provides over-the-counter medications for the poor.  One day a year they hold a drive in participating pharmacies and ask customers to buy and donate certain medications.  They ask for volunteers to assist by informing the customers as they enter the store and gathering and inventorying the donated medications.  Our branch provided several volunteers to assist in this effort. 

 Ariele helped us at our assigned pharmacy.

 Sorella Jefferies tagged and boxed the donated medications.

The pharmacists we worked with were very friendly.  Sorella Jefferies invited them to come to English class at the church.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Primary Sharing Time

Sorella Jefferies makes the visual aids for sharing time.  She has prepared them through the end of 2014 even though we are leaving April 1.  She really enjoyed doing this for the Primary and the children have enjoyed them too.  Here are some of her favorites.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Missionary Service Project

Yesterday we did a service project with the sister missionaries.  Maria Jose and Paolo are going to move into a house which is being remodeled.  They needed to clean the kitchen area because their new kitchen is being installed on Monday.  They asked family members and the missionaries for help and since we had a good crew we decided to clean the whole house.

 Brother Garcia cleaned windows.

 Sorella Lemos, Daniela, and Sorella Andromidas were the sweepers.

 Maria Jose on mop duty.
 The tile cleaners.

 Stefano and Paolo supervised all the work.

 Proud papa with his two daughters.

 After the work, some well deserved refreshments.

 The house.

View from the third floor balcony.