Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Banana Cream Pie at the Shoe Shop

 You can't find pie in Italy.  Italians make cakes and something similar to pie but not really.  Sorella Jefferies has made pumpkin, apple, and coconut cream pie while we have been on our mission.  Last week she made her first banana cream pie.  We took it to Brother and Sister Rossi's shoe repair shop to share with them. Brother Rossi has been a shoe repairman for over thirty years.  He learned the trade from his father.

 The sign in front of their store.

 Hard at work.

 The workshop.

 Brother Rossi with all the repaired shoes waiting to be picked up.

 Time for pie!

Look who showed up just in time for pie - Sorelle Lemos and Andromidas.

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