Wednesday, February 26, 2014

February Activities

In February we got involved in several activities.  There was a Primary Activity Day, a YM/YW combined activity celebrating February birthdays, we had Maria Jose and Paolo to our apartment for dinner, and a celebration for Laura's birthday.

 The kids made and flew paper airplanes.
 We played pictionary.
 We had a cake for Michael's birthday.  He turned 12 and this was his last activity day.

 In mutual we had a birthday party for all those with February birthdays.

 Brother Garcia, Michael and Max were the guests of honor.
 Sorella Andromidas and Agnese getting refreshments.

 We had Maria Jose and Paolo and the missionaries over for dinner.

Sorella Jefferies made an apple pie for Laura's birthday.

 We gave Laura a triple combination and scented candles.

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