Saturday, September 7, 2013

Friday Night Football Activity

Friday evening we had a combined activity with the youth for mutual.  Sorella Jefferies put together the program.  We explained that every Friday night in America is high school football night.  We sang our high school fight songs, showed pictures from our yearbooks of me as a football player and Sorella Jefferies as a cheerleader, and gave the kids Thatcher High School football T-shirts, courtesy of our son Dave, whose team, by the way, upset the number 1 ranked team in their division last week.  We played a football toss game and a squirt bottle game.  The sister missionaries taught a message using the Mormon Message "Same Jersey" and then we had dinner.  We had baked potatoes with all the fixings, chili, caramel apples and rice krispy treats

Agnese did well in the football toss.

Roberto said he would rather kick the ball than throw it.

Gloria gets water squirted in her face by Marisa.

Gloria gets back at Maurizzio.

The missionary on the right is Sorella Jameson.  She is from Indianapolis, Indiana and she transferred to Forli' from Genova.  She got here just in time for this party.  We will miss Sorella Montagnoli who was transferred to Reggio Emilia.


  1. That is so cool!!! :) People from all around the world are wearing a tiny town's Football t-shirt!!! :) haha That looks like so much fun!!! Do you ever tell the youth about your grandkids?? :)

  2. Perfect event! I'm proud of you guys for thinking that one up.