Thursday, September 12, 2013

Around the World in 80 Minutes

Last night we had a cultural night at the church.  Sister Rossi put the activity together.  We visited Nigeria, the United States, Ecuador, Romania, Kazakhstan and Italy.  The presenters sang the national anthem of their country, taught us some of their language, and told us about their country.  Then we had food from each of these countries.  We had about 45 in attendance with about 30 members of the branch and 15 friends invited by the members.

 Sorella Jefferies and I were the pilots for the flight.

 Gloria and Sorella Bennett were two of the flight attendants.  They served the passengers peanuts.

 Sorella Jameson and Sorella Brown were also flight attendants.  They are talking to Roberto about getting on the airplane.

 The passengers are on the flight.

 Rosemary and her daughter Ruth told us about Nigeria.

 They had the best costumes of the evening.

 The Garcia family sang the national anthem of Ecuador and taught us many things about their country.

 Yefferson, Maria Jose, Francesco and Narcissa are proud citizens of Ecuacor.

 Cristina and her son Roberto and daughter Madalina are from Romania and presented facts from their country.

 Lara, a friend of one of our members, is from Kazakhstan.  She taught us some Russian and Kazakh, which are the two official languages of Kazakhstan.

 There were lots of Italians to sing the Italian national anthem and teach us about Italy.

The pilots said goodbye to the passengers after the flight.

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