Monday, May 13, 2013

Preparation Day with the Sorelle

Last preparation day we took the Sisters on an adventure.  From Castrocaro Castle we had seen another castle on a hill nearby.  We had to go on some dirt roads but we found Castle Montepoggiolo.  It was a lookout post for Castrocaro.  They could see advancing armies and warn the citizens of Castrocaro.

When we found the castle, it was fenced off and the gate was locked so we couldn't get close.  It hasn't been restored or worked on for several years so it is probably too dangerous to allow people to wander around in it.

We then drove to Portico di Romagna.  This is along the medieval street where there are lots of beautiful flowers.  Brother Rossi grew up in this quaint little town.

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  1. So beautiful. Those flowers are amazing. Your shoes are getting some good miles!