Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Music Night

Last Saturday evening we had a Branch Music Night.  We had about 25 in attendance with about 13 members of the branch and the rest were friends.  It was a very entertaining evening.

Brother ans Sister Garcia sang a couple of numbers.

Agnese and Sorella Montagnoli did a violin and piano duet.

Sister Tarroni did a number as an opera singing chicken -- it was very funny.

Mila sang a fun song in the Romagnolo dialect.

Sorelle Bennett and Montagnoli sang Come Thou Fount.

Paolo played a piano piece that he composed himself.

Sister Rossi put the whole program together.  With her granddaughter, Elodie, she led us in a variation of Old McDonald had a Farm, in which she wrote lyrics for every branch member in attendance.  At the end of the song she asked if she had left anyone out.  Laura, who is investigating the church, said "What about us?"  On the spot, Sister Rossi made up a verse for Alberto, Laura, Agnese, Chiara and Giovanni.  She also led us in a fun song about too tight blue jeans.

After all that music we were all hungry.

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  1. Mom - you look so good! I really like your hair flipped out.

    What a fun night. Reminds me of the talent show that we got to see when we were there.