Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Our apartment in Forli, Italy

This is a picture of our apartment in Forli, Italy.  It is a 2 bedroom apartment on the 2nd floor (in Italy it is called the 1st floor because it is just above the ground floor).  The second picture is of the two Elders who are moving furniture into the apartment.  Between them is Sister Rossi, our landlord.  We are really getting excited to get to Italy.  We speak in our ward on September 23, get set apart on September 30, and enter the MTC on October 1. 


  1. The apartment looks great! I love your balcony, too.

  2. Buddy is so jealous I have to keep your post card hidden. We still have a few years but in a couple of months we'll have two missionaries serving. As soon as we get them home and paid for, we'll be off!

  3. Gaylen says: The pictures were stunning but I must say, (and I think you'll agree) that the italian style chocolate chip cookies Deanne made are scrumptious looking. It would be worth the trip just to taste of their glory!