Friday, September 28, 2012


 Nine of our grandchildren with us outside our house.  (left to right)  Chad, Zach, Hailey, Brock, Clayton, Noah, Sariah, Jack and Porter.  Chad, Noah, Zach, Sariah and Hailey are Dave and Becki's children.  Porter, Brock, and Clayton are Sam and Jennie's children.  Jack is Ty and Rebecca's child.
Ty and Rebecca Woods, Anna and Jason Jensen, Scott and Deanne, Dave and Becki Jefferies, and Sam and Jennie Jefferies.  We spoke in church last Sunday.  Anna and Rebecca played a cello, violin duet for the musical number and it was absolutely beautiful.  Deanne bore her testimony in Italian after her talk.  We enter the MTC in Provo on October 1.  We will miss our children and grandchildren terribly  for the next 18 months but we are ready to serve.


  1. Are we going to get a post of MTC life?!

  2. So excited for both of you!! Know we pray for the Milano mission just a smidge more!! Please give my missionary a huge hug for me and tell him I love him more than there are words for!!! Tell him won't be long until I can hug the breath out of him!! Again please know we will be pray for you as you serve in the " Missione Italia Milano"!