Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Elder Teixeira at Zone Conference

Yesterday we went to Florence for a zone conference which included the Ravenna, Florence and Bologna zones.  Elder Jose Teixeira, a Seventy and the European Area President presided at the meeting and he and his wife and President and Sister Dibb did the training.  It was excellent training.  You would think that after meeting for 5 hours the missionaries might be tired but they were energized and ready to work even harder and more efficiently.  We also got to see some missionaries we had worked with before.  It was a great day.

 President Dibb asked us to sit at the table with Elder and Sister Teixeira.  They are such wonderful servants of the Lord and very humble and dedicated to missionary work.

 Elder Christensen was serving in Forli' when we first arrived over a year ago.  He is now an assistant to the Mission President.

 Elder Iacovelli served in Ancona, which was in our district.  He is in Reggio Emilia and finishes his mission in about three weeks.

 Elder Smith was in Forli' as a brand new missionary and is now serving in Florence.

 Sorella Jefferies with Sisters Jameson and Andromidas.

 Sorella Jefferies with a sweet missionary from Albania, Sister Gjika.  The Forli' Sisters are hamming it up in the background.
 Elder Anderson, Sisters Andromidas, Jameson, Elders Quinton, Lloyd, Sisters Montagnoli and Russell.  Sister Montagnoli was with us in Forli' for 6 months and is now serving in Reggio Emilia.

Sorella Jefferies really enjoyed talking with Sister Teixeira.  They shared stories about their children and grandchildren, which they both miss very much but know that their sacrifices are are bringing forth blessings.

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