Sunday, October 21, 2012

Zone Conference in Firenze

These are the Elders and Sisters in the Bologna zone.
With Anziano Scheurn from our home ward in Gilbert.  He is serving in Ravenna.
This is our Church in Forli.  Via Ghinassi 13 Forli, Italy


  1. I love all of your "fashion" belts Sorella Jefferies.


  2. Looks great! How far is the church from your house?

  3. WHAT A TREAT!!! I have not look at blogs for a few weeks and then I check yours and who do I see.....ANZIANO SCHEURN!!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful surprise for us!! You both look Fantastic and so happy!! We are so happy for both of you! Please give Anziano Scheurn a big hug for me!! So happy you all met!!! Enjoy every minute of your mission! I know you will!
    With Sisterly Love,
    Tamy Scheurn

    1. Anziano Jefferies give him a big hug and told him it was from his mom. It was fun to meet and talk to him. He looks great!

  4. Oh, and mom, nice job color coordinating you and Dad!